Yes, kiwis in December!


to a few favourite poetry-related sites:

And Other Poems, an on-going resource of poems generously edited by Josephine Corcoran.   

Baroque in Hackney,  poet and critic Katy Evans Bush's award-winning site is a cracking read.

The Bell Jar is full of inspiration and encouragement, courtesy of the indefatigable Jo Bell.

Freefall is the blogspot of Helen Mort.

Poems in Which , an always interesting occasional poetry journal edited by Amy Key, Rebecca Perry, Alex MacDonald and Wayne Holloway- Smith.  

The Poetry Foundation site should come with the warning that it will lure you in and never let you go.

Clare Pollard's blog is an elegant site with generous links, mixing literary erudition with  travelogue, comment and domestic life.

Prac Crit , a serious and sparky online journal of poetry and up-close criticism edited by Sarah Howe, Dai George and Vidian Ravinthiran.

Salon of the Refused, Jacqueline Saphra and Norbert Hirschhorn's home for multiply rejected poems and the rejection notes that accompany them.

Sphinx Reviews, Happenstance Press's online magazine devoted to pamphlets, edited by Helena Nelson.  

Proletarian Poetry is a home for poets and poems that portray working class lives from many different angles, edited by Peter Raynard.

From the allotment this season: 

Kathy Pimlott