Kathy Pimlott

May 2022 

The daffodils are over, the bluebells are out - as is my debut full collection, the small manoeuvres. Am I happy? Of course. I love my two pamphlets from Emma Press but have hankered after a book with a spine, and now I have it. And I also have a crushing case of self doubt - that I've exposed my mediocrity and lack of youthful sparkle to the world - or that teeny proportion of the world who will read me. But enough of that. I will pick up my pompoms, shake them and say have a look here and see if you're tempted to read more

I'm thrilled to be featured on Mark McGuinness's ​A Mouthful of Air, a podcast of classic and contemporary poetry in which each episode focusses on a single poem and includes a reading and an interview with the poet - or in the case of those long dead, an analysis by Mark. It's a rich format designed to appeal to a wide audience and Mark has chosen an eclectic mix of old and new voices. In my episode I read Return to the Terminus and talk, among other things, about its origins and how I made it out of two separate poems. 

​​I'm reading

Sarah Mnatzaganian's Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter (Against the Grain) and Emily Berry's Unexhausted Time (Faber)