Kathy Pimlott

April 2017

Far from being cruel, April started with a short break in Cornwall where the weather was fine enough for the beach, if not for swimming for a nesh body like me. But now its back to work, starting with the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the Roxy Club (I was too old for Punk but it's my paid job so, hey, I'll pretend I know who I'm talking to). I also have three reviews to write and a lot of rewriting to do as well as the homework from the Poetry Business’s Writing School. We had our first (non-virtual) meeting this month up in Sheffield, spending a sunny day writing, writing, writing and putting faces and poems to names. One of the benefits for me is the chance to break out from the London bubble and see what's going on elsewhere. Yes, the capital's poetry scene is very exciting and there's always something going on but sometimes it can feel like a small and claustrophobic world and it's good to be reminded that there are exciting poets and poetry beyond its sometimes smug confines, Speaking of which, April brings the Nottingham Poetry Festival and I was delighted that one of my poems featured as their first Nottingham-themed poem in the pre-festival publicity and just as chuffed to be contacted to let me know that the same poem was being read at a wedding. It's really heartening to hear that total strangers like your work. 

I'm reading:

Clare Pollard's Incarnation (Bloodaxe) and Roy Fisher's  The Dow Low Drop (Bloodaxe)