Kathy Pimlott

March 2017

If I don’t start writing more and better this year I'll be a lost cause. I'm back in one of Mimi Khalvati’s exhilarating seminar groups and have embarked on the Poetry Business’s Writing School 2017/18. It’s an intensive 18-month course of study, workshops and discussion, led by Peter and Ann Sansom. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with poets new to me.

A flurry of sending out poems has paid off with some forthcoming publications in magazines and anthologies. I've just sent off what I hope will become my next pamphlet and it's tempting just to sit back and wait now but not a good idea, given the high chances of rejection. Speaking of which, check out Jacqueline Saphra and Norbert Hirschhorn's Salon of the Refused. They invite poets to 'Send us your darling, one that has been refused four times or more. If you believe in your poem, so will we.' No excuses not to send out now. 

I'm reading:

Clare Pollard's Incarnation (Bloodaxe) and Mark Doty's Deep Lane (Cape).