Kathy Pimlott

July 2020

I'm currently looking after my elderly mother as she recovers from a broken hip. No writing and very little reading so the weekly 45 minute readings and Q&A via Zoom organised by Emma Wright (The Emma Press) have been a lifeline. I did one myself last month which you can  watch here. I've uploaded a poem to the Poetry Archive's Worldview 2020  which is 'about' my walks though the nearly empty central London streets taking photographs. You can see it on their Youtube channel here and I urge all you poets to upload a poem. If I can do it on my very ordinary phone, anyone can. Now I'm in suburban Nottingham it's harder to find those intriguing details which make London streets so entertaining but at least I get to see my daughters and grandchildren at a suitable distance. My grandson tells me that the best way to dispose of a dead body is in a pig sty.