Kathy Pimlott


the small manoeuvres

Emma Simon on The Friday Poem : 'sharply observed, acerbically witty but also deeply moving at times, particularly in the tender depictions of friendship and the honest way the poems explore ageing and the sense of time passing.'

Matthew Paul on his Poetry Blog: 'full of  clear-eyed perceptions, a palpable sense of social justice, deep respect for family, friendship (especially amongst women), history and memory, and finely-drawn character studies. They are, in the best way, very readable poems, without any irritating tricksy-bollock nonsense'.

Elastic Glue

London Grip : 'a distinctive mix of probing and playfulness, a joy to read.'

Poetry Book Society Summer Review: 'An incredible pamphlet which will enhance your perception of the world around you.'

Sphinx Reviews: 'Pimlott places the reader in her world, along side her, precisely but lightly.'

Goose Fair Night 

Sabotage Reviews.'tenderly written, with a fingernail dipped in mild acid.'

Sphinx Reviews; 'dense, delicious details of what might be invisible to others.'

Huffington Post's Summer Poetry Reading List,: 'delicately arranged and convincing for its pitch-perfect juxtapositions.'

​Cuckoo Review: 'upturns the ordinary in order to show us its beauty.'